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Construction Plans

Mechanical Analysis

and Consulting

We operate the most up to date & advanced design & analysis software to support all of our engineering services. In conjunction with experienced team of Chartered Engineers, this forms the core of our business.

We are able to generate  models from captured survey information and existing drawings. We can accurately determine revised capacities and assess the life extensions and the structural integrity of existing structures and structural elements.


We conduct design feasibility studies and will be on hand to assist you in maximising cost-effective light-weighting solutions.

Structural Steel


In the area of steel construction, we work with clients in many different markets, contributing to new build, restoration and refurbishment projects. Our principles of structural analysis and utilisation of applicable design standards and codes are the same throughout.

Our expertise also includes the development of unique fire and blast structural solutions to allow architects and contractors to refurbish and modernise buildings, whilst retaining the original architectural features. In assessing the site and understanding the brief, we can offer structural analysis of steel framed construction and provide advice on the potential risks and possible solutions.

Structural Fire


We have the expertise and tools required to investigate the behaviour and response of structures or structural components exposed to fire. We provide advice on structural fire engineering which can be used to identify and plan the best and most effective solutions for the building, often resulting in significant reductions in the amount of fire protection that is required and major cost savings.

Our services include the investigation of site specific non-conformities, the examination of the thermo-structural response of building elements exposed to fire – using finite element analysis or a structural design code(s) approach, and definition of the required structural fire testing and fire assessments to achieve compliance for unique projects.

Fire and Blast

Systems Design

We provide a fully optimised design for the fire and blast rated structures and modular solutions to address our customers concerns for the protection of both personnel and equipment from the effects of fire, blast and radiant heat, in hazardous environments such as onshore and off shore oil & gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, and defence industries.

We operate elite tools and systems validated using experimental test data for their reliability in solving thermal, mechanical and structural problems. This will help to achieve highly accurate designs with cost projections, and to maximise weight and cost savings.







AAA Engineering Consulting is a broad based mechanical and structural engineering practice, established in 2020. Our expertise extends across many disciplines and industries in providing an efficient, economical and professional service to our clients. Our experience and commitment enables us to identify potential problems at the earliest opportunity and resolve them in co-operation. All projects are managed by one of our chartered.

We are committed in delivering independent, honest, and actionable advice on structural fire engineering which can be used to identify and plan the best and most effective solutions for the building, often resulting in significant reductions in the amount of fire protection that is required and major cost savings. Our sought after fire safety advice protects life, preserves property and safeguards business continuity. We also offer independent and expert opinion in fire testing and in the assessment of the performance of materials in instances of fire, to provide market confidence and assurance for specifiers, whilst also enabling products to reach the market promptly and efficiently.

AAA Engineering Consulting strives to use it expertise and experience to provide reliable solutions to protect people and equipment from explosion, heat, and fire hazards. Our Consultant Engineers provide design and engineering consulting services for fire and blast rated structures, and provide solutions for ranges of Modular, Firewall, and Blastwall products. Our overall design philosophy is to provide a flexible approach aimed at achieving the highest design standards and produce cost effective solutions to meet the client and project needs.



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